Is providing link to my (8 pages) proof of P=NP and asking to check my proof appropriate for a CS Theory question?

The proof is on professional mathematician level (uses advanced logics) and does not produce a crackpot impression (except that it is short, 8 pages).


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No. This is not appropriate here, or likely on any Stack Exchange Site. See, e.g., About "Are there any known barriers to use some approach for solving P vs. NP?" and Is it ok to ask about the correctness of preprints on crank-friendly topics?.

A claim to have a solution for a well-known, difficult open problem is an extraordinary claim requiring extraordinary evidence. A request for us to check such an alleged proof would not be a good post for SE; it is not our goal here to make broad advances to science in a single post. See here for a related discussion.

Moreover, requests for us to check a paper-length work for correctness are not suitable here. That's too much to expect from a single question here.


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