Since we're close to the 90 day mark (I would have said 'getting out of beta', but that's not the case any more) I continue to wonder about the magical incantations needed to set us FREE ! In particular, I wonder when we'll be graced by a visit from Jin the theme design deity, who's done a bang up job for math.SE and tex.SE already (and others too, but these are the most relevant to us).

SE mods ? Any feedback on this ?

Update: Never mind, the entire sequence of events is detailed here. In brief, we have to wait our turn, and make sure we have enough excellent/okay ratings.

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See: Design Ideas for TCS Site


The summary, from this week's moderator chat-cast, is this:

  • Any site past 90 days goes into a pool of sites to graduate.
  • Jin is able to design about 1 to 1-1/2 sites per week so we have to come up with an order to launch those sites...
  • Based on this blog post When Will My Site Graduate?, the sites with enough 2000 and 3000-rep users go first.
  • The order after that is determined by the Area 51 statistics: The most Excellent, Okay, and Worrying, in that order.

I was looking over the sites currently in beta, and once we cross the 'active user' boundary into excellent, which should happen once we get three more 200+ rep users, we should be in decent shape to move on.

Update: we are now upto 4 excellents. I'm thinking that once we cross the 90 day mark, we might be on the way.


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