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How to ask a good question

The moderators spend considerable time on editing badly written questions. A possible way for reducing the number of badly written questions is writing down some guidelines (similar to the MO ...
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LaTeX math support ?

I'm hoping we can get the same math support that other SE sites (math.SE in particular) are making use of. Does anyone know how to enable this ? Here's a test to see if the current system works by ...
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Is it ok to ask about the correctness of preprints on crank-friendly topics?

See this question in which someone asked for an update on the status of an arxiv preprint on graph isomorphism. It was downvoted, with a comment "Are this kind of discussions on-topic here? I think ...
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Material to supplement the FAQ

Since many of the visitors here are new to the Stackexchange environment, it might be useful to collect questions and answers here to add to the official site FAQ. In addition, it would be useful to ...
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Homework, or things that look like homework.

c.f this question on O() notation. Stackoverflow actually has the 'homework' tag, and is willing to entertain questions of that kind. MO has strong prohibitions in place against it. The first ...
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Flood of homework questions

Is it just me, or is there a major burst of homework questions popping up ? Fall semester automata theory, anyone ? Unfortunately, we still have people answering questions instead of voting to close. ...
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Comment templates

This post is inspired by answers to this question and a similar list on TEX.SE. The idea is to make a bunch of templates for commonly-used comments, like comments explaining that a question is out of ...
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On using actual names

Over at MO, it's been asserted that one of the success stories in getting the site to work well is strenuous effort by the moderators to get people to use their real names when posting. I'm ...
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Policy: Questions about topic for research project

This policy is now in effect, with 13 votes in favor and 2 against. In addition, three of the amendments suggested in comments passed as well. The new policy on 'topic of research' questions is as ...
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Our custom closing reasons

We have to decide what should be our custom close reasons. We can have 3 custom close reasons. Each can be up to 400 characters. The default format of a close reason as follows: ...
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Are specific questions about Theorem X in paper Y fine?

See this question about an origami paper for example. It's a very specific question about a particular theorem the poster did not follow (or in this case the answer did not match that of the paper). ...
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The modifiable part of our general FAQ

Should we put the phrase "research level" in our general FAQ? While in our official FAQ there is a statement about the scope of our site, that is, Ask and answer research-level questions in ...
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arXiv tags vs not?

Many people seem to be using arXiv-style tags, e.g. instead of just complexity-theory. I saw Suresh change some of these to non-arXiv style, but is that something we might ...
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Top-level arxiv tag for quantum computing

We have an informal policy that all questions should have at least one top level arxiv tag. However, quantum-computing appears with all kinds of other tags, many of which are not arxiv tags. My ...
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The new Community Wiki policy

I have been thinking about this for sometime. As you know, SE has changed the Community Wiki policy and now only moderators can make a question a CW. Community Wiki has 2 main effects: The question ...

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