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Official FAQ for Theoretical Computer Science

This is the official site FAQ for Theoretical Computer Science. This question will contain a list of questions, with each question linking to a single answer. If there is prior discussion on an answer,...
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Is it ok to ask about the correctness of preprints on crank-friendly topics?

See this question in which someone asked for an update on the status of an arxiv preprint on graph isomorphism. It was downvoted, with a comment "Are this kind of discussions on-topic here? I think ...
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How will you cite a discussion on this site in your paper?

Should we just provide the link or write down the names of users whose responses were most useful?
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Policy: Questions about topic for research project

This policy is now in effect, with 13 votes in favor and 2 against. In addition, three of the amendments suggested in comments passed as well. The new policy on 'topic of research' questions is as ...
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Are list questions such as about conferences on-topic?

We should decide whether to allow questions such as this one: Complexity Theory conferences? My feeling is that they should be on-topic as community wiki, because they provide a means for the ...
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Are specific questions about Theorem X in paper Y fine?

See this question about an origami paper for example. It's a very specific question about a particular theorem the poster did not follow (or in this case the answer did not match that of the paper). ...
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arXiv tags vs not?

Many people seem to be using arXiv-style tags, e.g. instead of just complexity-theory. I saw Suresh change some of these to non-arXiv style, but is that something we might ...
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The new Community Wiki policy

I have been thinking about this for sometime. As you know, SE has changed the Community Wiki policy and now only moderators can make a question a CW. Community Wiki has 2 main effects: The question ...
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When should I use cstheory versus cs?

There are two stackexchange sites that seem to have a bit of overlap: CS and CSTheory. CS states that it is for: "programming language semantics, formal methods ... or any other topic in theoretical ...
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Should there be a protocol to notify authors if we find an error in a paper?

This question seems to have found an error in a computational geometry paper on CoRR, and David Eppstein in an answer confirmed the error. I haven't checked it myself, but I wanted to ask if we ...
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Policy on deleting incorrect answers?

At some places I've seen people advocate deleting incorrect answers. For example, in this thread: Hardness of node partitioning under shortest path constraint But sometimes incorrect answers are kept ...
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When are areas of pure math that are used in CS considered on-topic?

My motivation for this question is the response to my question here, which garnered a vote to close for being too mathy. Supportive comments and upvoting seemed to have saved that particular question ...
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Repeat a question from Math Overflow ?

If one have asked a question on MO, is it correct to ask it again on CSTheory ? In my case, my question is more than one week old, and even if it had some interesting answer, there was not any real ...
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Locked post on Meta

In this meta post, In this answer, mentioned that : "even though his question wasn't originally phrased this way". I don't know how is my question phrased right now (in community opinion), but anyway ...
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Is it OK to cross-post on CS.SE and TCS.SE, after a suitable delay?

If I post a question on CS.SE and don't get an answer, is it OK to post the same question on TCS.SE after waiting a week or so? In other words, is cross-posting on CS.SE and TCS.SE OK (rather than ...
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