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What qualifies as a research level question in research-practise?

I am trying to understand what qualifies as a research level question in the domain of research-practice. My recent question was about the usefulness of a certain direction of investigation as opposed ...
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How to improve my posts on this site?

I post questions on this site which seems to annoy some people. I am sincerely trying my best to post quality research-level questions. For instance, this post, NP-complete problem with quasi-...
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When should I use cstheory versus cs?

There are two stackexchange sites that seem to have a bit of overlap: CS and CSTheory. CS states that it is for: "programming language semantics, formal methods ... or any other topic in theoretical ...
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Drive-by downvoting on new user's questions.

I just noticed this question, asked by a new user, which has two downvotes with no comments. I don't think this question is bad—it could use more explanation, and more demonstration of the OP's having ...
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Can we write a research paper from stackexchange collaboration?

I was wondering if (let's say for example) someone come out with a certain problem found in a certain domain. The problem is divided into subproblems. Each of them is given as a stackexchange question....
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Asking Big-picture/Soft/List/Broad questions

In the interest of focusing this question (or making a new question inspired by this one), what about asking something like "What open problems in TCS have been raised by the LHC experiments?" I'm ...
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"Research" Level

This question is on rewriting of the automata theory question. I am at a loss to understand this extensive rewriting of the question to make it look "research" level. In the process a certain ...
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The modifiable part of our general FAQ

Should we put the phrase "research level" in our general FAQ? While in our official FAQ there is a statement about the scope of our site, that is, Ask and answer research-level questions in ...
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A policy proposal against questions asking for a correctness check [closed]

Update: I withdrew this policy proposal. It received 5 downvotes and no upvotes. This is a policy proposal. The proposed policy in the question or its answers will be adopted in the case that after ...
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Another go at scope of desirable questions

There are active discussions around both meta and several TCS questions about what questions should be rejected. The two reasons most often stated are (afaik) too basic (aka too localized, whatever ...
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Protocol for accepting answers in CW and list type questions

Do we have a protocol on how to handle acceptance of answers on CW type questions (including those that aren't CW but of a similar flavor)? There's clearly no correct answers for most CW questions. ...
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Is cstheory aimed at degree-level, masters or PHD students

Is the complexity of the material that people are posting on the main cstheory site aimed at people just starting CS degrees, final year degree students, masters or PHD students? I'm at #2 of that ...
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Policy on editing questions ?

There have been a number of instances now where I've gone in and edited questions that were probably reasonable, but had lots of bad formatting, no LaTeX, and so on. I wouldn't edit these questions (...
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Official FAQ for Theoretical Computer Science

This is the official site FAQ for Theoretical Computer Science. This question will contain a list of questions, with each question linking to a single answer. If there is prior discussion on an answer,...
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Is asking a bunch of questions in a short period of time appropriate?

A recent example is 6 questions posted by turkistany. Right now when I look at I see the following 11 questions posted by him among the newest ...
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