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What do we do with rapidly evolving subjects?

Some topics and subjects in TCS are evolving and changing fairly rapidly. For example, I'm interested in SAT, particularly in the best upper bounds. Now, there are questions on this site concerning ...
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3 answers

Should we discourage low-rep users from posting remarks as answers?

Users whose reputation score is below 50 points cannot post comments except for comments on their own question, their own answer and the answers to their own question. Before, it was common for those ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Upvoting an answer provided by someone else

In a recent question “Randomized algorithm that “looks” deterministic?” by arnab, he posted an answer directly communicated by Shafi Goldwasser with the following note: Please do not upvote this ...
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Policy on deleting incorrect answers?

At some places I've seen people advocate deleting incorrect answers. For example, in this thread: Hardness of node partitioning under shortest path constraint But sometimes incorrect answers are kept ...
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Help vote on answers to good questions

Sometimes a question gets asked, someone takes the time to respond, but the answer never receives any votes. Sometimes those answers can be quite good, and it would be nice to reward those answers ...
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1 answer

Is it safe to cite Wikipedia in an answer?

I have seen a few answers that use Wikipedia as a reference by saying words like: "according to Wikipedia", "Wikipedia says that" and etc. As you already know, everyone is free to edit topics in ...
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Editing versus rewriting other people's answers

If you come across a question which has been answered correctly, but in a fashion that would require effectively a total rewrite to make it (in your opinion) understandable for the question-asker and ...
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1 vote
4 answers

Wrong questions and wrong answers

What if someone posts an answer which, in fact, doesn't answer the question? What if, in addition, it is claimed in the answer that the question "is wrong"? Are there any moderating rules regarding ...
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