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Theme designer ?

Since we're close to the 90 day mark (I would have said 'getting out of beta', but that's not the case any more) I continue to wonder about the magical incantations needed to set us FREE ! In ...
11 votes
10 answers

Useful UserScripts?

I am experimenting with some UserScripts to provide additional functionality that the StackExchange sites currently do not support. In particular, two have proved highly useful: https://math.meta....
1 vote
1 answer

Design/theme of the website

What should our website look like? This is a discussion separated from What should our logo be?.
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12 votes
13 answers

What should our logo be?

Another one of the 7 essential meta questions- what should our logo look like? Edit: This was originally a discussion both about the logo and about the theme, but now the theme has a separate ...
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