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How to ask a good question

The moderators spend considerable time on editing badly written questions. A possible way for reducing the number of badly written questions is writing down some guidelines (similar to the MO ...
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On the Feasibility of Homework Questions

Current policy is to close all questions that "feel like homework" to at least five (high-reputated) people. Those more militant even downvote answers given by others even if those were hints rather ...
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A cstheory website for beginners

It seems that overzealous folks at Area 51 closed the proposal without giving it a fair chance. (Dave Clarke) -- is for mathematicians. ...
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Should we encourage a new user to register before he/she asks a question?

I have encountered the following situation several times on, or A new user asks a question. Someone answers, or someone points out ...
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Simple questions during reading papers

Currently I'm reading some few papers, sometimes I think something is wrong or I can't understand it, So I'll ask it in CSTheory, but simple comment helps me to find out my problem, after that I'll ...
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