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How to edit a bounty text?

I've just started a bounty that had a mistake in the text. I meant we may assume $k=polylog(n)$ while I wrote $k=O(log(n))$. How can I fix the bounty text?
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About my currently active bounty

I have a current bounty on this question of Noam Nisan. Unfortuantely, this question appears to be the Bermuda Triangle for Bounties, as mine is the third bounty being offered which seems likely to ...
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Unable to add a bounty to a question

I was trying to add a bounty to Lawrence Cayton's question on exact near neighbors, but I can nowhere see the link to start a bounty. I've looked at other questions and didn't have a problem seeing ...
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What if I'm not satisfied with the answers to the question I posted a bounty on?

In this question, I offered a bounty, but there are only two answers which really qualify as non-answers. I asked in a comment for the OP to post an answer so I could award him the bounty for asking ...
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Awarding of bounty failed

To whom it may concern: I had a bounty out on this question. I accepted an answer before the bounty expired and awarded the 50 points. But then the bounty actually expired and I got a notice that ...
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