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Let's get MathOverflow's “Citation Helper” here, as well!

MathOverflow and Math.SE have a citation helper that adds a new button to the post editor to allow references to journal articles (and conference papers?) to be added to posts quicker and easier. Of ...
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2 answers

BibTeX entry for citations

I just noticed that the BibTeX entry provided by the "cite" button on questions is not as good as it could be. For example, let's take the Problems Between P and NPC question. This is the BibTeX entry ...
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5 votes
3 answers

What constitutes enough work to be cited or acknowledged?

In this question, I received a spot-on one line answer in a comment that referred me to a more extensive answer by someone else to a different question on MathOverflow. I plan to acknowledge David ...
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How will you cite a discussion on this site in your paper?

Should we just provide the link or write down the names of users whose responses were most useful?
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How should we hyperlink books?

When a question or answer refers to a book, does the following descending preference-order for link destinations make sense? If not, what would be better? Book's site if the full text is freely ...
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