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Question “How do you call a subsequence of consecutive elements ?”

Question: How do you call a subsequence of consecutive elements ? I guess that many people working in TCS have once wished for concise and unambiguous terms for “contiguous subsequence” and “not ...
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Why are we getting more off-topic questions?

You may be wondering why we are getting off-topic question more often recently even though now CS.SE exists. I think part of the reason is that we had done a too good promotion (cannot complain ...
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2 votes
2 answers

What makes a question a research level question? (aka why was my question put on hold)

Recently, I asked this question on TCS.SE, but it was closed on the pretext that it was not a research-level question. However, I don't understand what makes it "a not research-level question". It has ...
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How can we see closed questions?

Where can we see the closed (or deleted) questions that we asked: I finally found the answer of a question I asked, but cannot find the question anymore on my profile, nor on the website. Either it ...
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Revisiting questions closed as off-topic

I am going over old questions which are closed as off-topic. If you notice a question that is closed as off-topic (based on cstheory's scope at that time) which you think should be reopened (based ...
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