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The new Community Wiki policy

I have been thinking about this for sometime. As you know, SE has changed the Community Wiki policy and now only moderators can make a question a CW. Community Wiki has 2 main effects: The question ...
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3 answers

Protocol for accepting answers in CW and list type questions

Do we have a protocol on how to handle acceptance of answers on CW type questions (including those that aren't CW but of a similar flavor)? There's clearly no correct answers for most CW questions. ...
1 vote
2 answers

Community Wikis

Just a quick question: It seems that we are marking quite a lot of stuff as community wiki. Apparently you earn no rep from community wiki answers, which raises the question of whether it is a good ...
7 votes
4 answers

Are list questions such as about conferences on-topic?

We should decide whether to allow questions such as this one: Complexity Theory conferences? My feeling is that they should be on-topic as community wiki, because they provide a means for the ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Community Wiki Etiquette

Is it proper for to mark an "accepted answer" for a community wiki question. On the one hand, it seems okay to do as the site allows it. On the other hand, we seem to be marking questions that ...
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