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Why are comments not editable after more than 5 minutes?

Maybe it's just me, but it's quite annoying that I can't edit my comments. If I reread what I wrote and see a typo, a mistake or something else that need fixing, I delete the comment and rewrite it, ...
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Policy on editing questions ?

There have been a number of instances now where I've gone in and edited questions that were probably reasonable, but had lots of bad formatting, no LaTeX, and so on. I wouldn't edit these questions (...
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Grammatical titles

I've managed to get myself into a rollback war with a user on this post. The original title was Way of obtaining chomsky normalform, does it influence performance of CYK parser? which I changed to ...
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Guideline on Trimming Long Titles

I think questions whose titles are like: How I can find a recent papers on the subject of Turing machine which exhibit computational power beyond blah blah blah... ...
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Editing versus rewriting other people's answers

If you come across a question which has been answered correctly, but in a fashion that would require effectively a total rewrite to make it (in your opinion) understandable for the question-asker and ...
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Policy on editing answers?

What should our policy be for editing other people's answers (especially when they are not CW)? When CW I usually edit when I feel I can significantly improve the answer by adding more details or to ...
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Not sure why my edit was rejected; maybe moderators should be able to defer to the author of the work being edited

I asked a question which was somewhat popular and after some time got a very nice answer. I accepted the answer and made an edit with a fairly minor correction to the answer. My edit was rejected, and ...
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Does one get rep for helpful flags

It is not so much that I am worried about rep, but I like to understand. I actually had 2 rep point on a question that was migrated, and as far as I can recall or trace on the question, my only ...
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Edit link greyed out?

When I open the question Counting the Number of Simple Paths in Undirected Graph, I notice that the "edit" link below the question is greyed out and not clickable. Is there a way to suggest an edit ...
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How to edit a bounty text?

I've just started a bounty that had a mistake in the text. I meant we may assume $k=polylog(n)$ while I wrote $k=O(log(n))$. How can I fix the bounty text?
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