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12 votes
2 answers

Interesting unanswered questions on CS.SE

Based on earlier feedback, I'm creating this thread to advertise questions on CS.SE that would be interesting to this community and haven't received an answer. Guidelines: Each answer should link ...
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11 votes
0 answers

Computer Science Stack Exchange

Update: The Computer Science - Stack Exchange has entered public beta. The Computer Science proposal is almost there and only needs 12 more commitments. You should commit soon if you are interested ...
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9 votes
0 answers

A meta thread for interesting but not sufficiently answered questions on CS?

MO has a meta thread for listing questions on Math.SE which are interesting but have not been sufficiently answered on Math.SE. Should we have something similar for interesting not-sufficiently ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Request For Comment: the scope of Computational Sciences proposal

While checking computational science meta today, I noticed that my perception about the proposal/site might not be true. mbq, the original person behind the proposal is not that much involved anymore ...
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