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What do we do with rapidly evolving subjects?

Some topics and subjects in TCS are evolving and changing fairly rapidly. For example, I'm interested in SAT, particularly in the best upper bounds. Now, there are questions on this site concerning ...
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Is it legal to post links to publications found on google scholar?

I have just started my Ms.c, and I'm now really starting to read publications, and I think that many times the link to a paper could make it easier to formulate and scope a question. I guess that ...
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8 answers

Comment templates

This post is inspired by answers to this question and a similar list on TEX.SE. The idea is to make a bunch of templates for commonly-used comments, like comments explaining that a question is out of ...
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using cs.LG for problems in clustering?

We have a tag for clustering and (currently) 16 questions. However, many of these questions don't have a primary arxiv tag of the form XX.XXXX. Our site policy currently recommends the use of an arxiv ...
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Migrating an on-topic question if it does not generate an answer

If we asked a question which was seen as on-topic (and maybe even upvoted) and it hung around on the site for a while, but did not generate an answer. Can we migrate the question to another site where ...
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Cross-posting Cstheory Blog Posts

If we write a blog post for the cstheory community blog, may we crosspost the same post to our own blog as well, with both posts pointing to each other? I noticed this issue was discussed in the ...
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Deleting answers to clearly off-topic questions after they get closed

Update (May 6, 2011): This policy received 8 upvotes and 4 down votes and is now in effect. This is a policy question. The proposed policy in the question (or answers) will be adopted in the case that ...
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3 answers

Closing questions too quickly, revisited?

This question How fundamental is undecidability? was closed within 25 minutes of being asked. The OP was rude to a moderator in the comments, and it isn't a great question, so I do think closing it ...
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Using meta instead of comments for discussion on suitability of a question

In these two questions, there's extensive discussion in comments (in one case in an answer) on the suitability of the question. To me, this seems like a discussion to be had here on meta, and so my ...
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5 answers

Site's policy regarding links to unauthorised copies of books

This is a policy question. The proposed policy in the question (or answers) will be adopted in the case that after 7 days it receives at least 5 up votes with a 2/3 majority in favor. Please upvote or ...
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Reposted questions [closed]

Update: This policy is now in effect, and the question will be closed. The proposer should update the FAQ accordingly. This is a policy question. The proposed policy in the question (or answers) will ...
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A policy proposal against questions asking for a correctness check [closed]

Update: I withdrew this policy proposal. It received 5 downvotes and no upvotes. This is a policy proposal. The proposed policy in the question or its answers will be adopted in the case that after ...
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11 votes
4 answers

Policy: Questions about topic for research project

This policy is now in effect, with 13 votes in favor and 2 against. In addition, three of the amendments suggested in comments passed as well. The new policy on 'topic of research' questions is as ...
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3 answers

Non-English characters in TCS StackExchange

The community of TCS SE comes from many nations all over the world, and this increase the diversity of us, which is a pretty good thing. Some of the members write their names in their own native ...
7 votes
4 answers

The new Community Wiki policy

I have been thinking about this for sometime. As you know, SE has changed the Community Wiki policy and now only moderators can make a question a CW. Community Wiki has 2 main effects: The question ...
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3 answers

Guideline on Trimming Long Titles

I think questions whose titles are like: How I can find a recent papers on the subject of Turing machine which exhibit computational power beyond blah blah blah... ...
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2 answers

Undeleting highly voted answers?

For people who have access to deleted questions. A few weeks ago Algorithms from the Book. was deleted, apparently by the owner. This was the top ranked answer for the question (Euclidean algorithm),...
12 votes
7 answers

Is it ok to ask about the correctness of preprints on crank-friendly topics?

See this question in which someone asked for an update on the status of an arxiv preprint on graph isomorphism. It was downvoted, with a comment "Are this kind of discussions on-topic here? I think ...
3 votes
1 answer

Official interim procedure for doing retagging.

Background. For purpose of discussion, let A and B be tags, and let the goal be to convert B to A. There are two independent methods for doing this: (Looking forward): Creating a tag synonym A $\...
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1 answer

Policy on suspending users

We will soon have temporary moderators from within the community, and so I wanted to initiate a discussion on policies for suspension/blocks/bans. Right now I'm thinking mostly of cases where users ...