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2 votes
2 answers

Is it OK to cross-post on CS.SE and TCS.SE, after a suitable delay?

If I post a question on CS.SE and don't get an answer, is it OK to post the same question on TCS.SE after waiting a week or so? In other words, is cross-posting on CS.SE and TCS.SE OK (rather than ...
12 votes
4 answers

What do we do with rapidly evolving subjects?

Some topics and subjects in TCS are evolving and changing fairly rapidly. For example, I'm interested in SAT, particularly in the best upper bounds. Now, there are questions on this site concerning ...
3 votes
0 answers

Is this question suitable for CS theory

I posted this question on cs.stackexchange but didn't get any answers. I was wondering if this is suitable for this site?
3 votes
0 answers

Why are we getting more off-topic questions?

You may be wondering why we are getting off-topic question more often recently even though now CS.SE exists. I think part of the reason is that we had done a too good promotion (cannot complain ...
10 votes
2 answers

Attacking Open Questions

In their latest blog post, the guys from tex.SE mention that they regularly hold events where they specificly sift through the list of open questions with the goal to answer as many of them as ...
4 votes
1 answer

Redirect to errors

On our front page, we have now the following question: Graph having diameter k times the average distance [closed] If you click on the link, you are redirected to a "Page Not Found" error message at ...
0 votes
1 answer

Non-meta, related discussions in parent site

I have just open a question about More on syntactic vs semantic classes, and UP vs NP. In the comments, @Tsuyoshi and I were discussing whether my interpretation about a related result to the problems ...
4 votes
1 answer

Under what conditions the problems about proving NP-hardness are on/off-topic?

Here we have a problem about NP-hardness for magic squares, posted by @levanovd. At first I do consider it as a home-work level question, and suggest the OP to wait for answers on Math SE. But after ...
4 votes
1 answer

Should we add an encouragement to vote à la MO ?

Just below every MO question appears the following line set off in a box: Remember to vote up questions/answers you find interesting or helpful (requires 15 reputation points) My question: Should ...
1 vote
0 answers

When do we get a "subjective question" warning?

While writing this question about range counting I was warned by the site that it is likely subjective and will be closed. Do you think it is subjective? 2.1. If yes, then why? 2.2. If no, then why ...
2 votes
2 answers

Is my StackOverflow question a better match here than there? "Formally constructing control flow graph"

Given the PL Theory parts of my question (but seeing it also being part of practical compiler design) Im thinking it might be a better match here than there?