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Initial reputation frustration

I think the site is doing very well thanks to our moderators and people who answer difficult questions. I see more and more famous names on the site, and according to Lance it has already become ...
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2 answers

Upvoting an answer provided by someone else

In a recent question “Randomized algorithm that “looks” deterministic?” by arnab, he posted an answer directly communicated by Shafi Goldwasser with the following note: Please do not upvote this ...
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3 votes
2 answers

When will the new thresholds kick in ?

Does anyone know when the new threshold will kick in ? for example, when we're out of beta, you can't vote to close/reopen unless you have 3000 rep.
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0 answers

How did I start off with 101 reputation points?

Whereas I see others with reputation points < 101? Does everyone start off at 101?
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1 answer

Editing versus rewriting other people's answers

If you come across a question which has been answered correctly, but in a fashion that would require effectively a total rewrite to make it (in your opinion) understandable for the question-asker and ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Account association bug

I recently opened an account over at I associated my account there with my account here. I then opened CStheory again, and I got a red banner saying "...
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1 vote
2 answers

Reputation points wild fluctuations?

I noticed that my reputation points go through roller coaster rides from time to time. During the last couple of days, it widely fluctuated between 1025 and 1263. The main StackExchange top users web ...
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1 vote
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Side effects of changing question's title?

I edited the title of one my old questions and then I noticed that my reputation points got reduced by 48 points. Are those two events correlated?
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