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Ph.D Schools "focusing" on theory

There's a rollback extravaganza happening on this question. There are a number of problems in the question, and foolishly I contributed to this by even answering. There are multiple questions within ...
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"Theoretical computer science" or "theoretical *in* computer science"

Sometimes we get questions which are "theoretical questions in computer science", but are not "theoretical computer science" questions. Other areas in computer science (e.g. computer networks, ...) ...
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Is a question about network analysis via mean-field theory type approaches on topic?

TCS seems to study networks, but I seldom see mean-field theory approaches (which come from statistical-mechanics) used by computer scientists. Hence, I am unsure if the following question from the ...
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What qualifies as a research level question in research-practise?

I am trying to understand what qualifies as a research level question in the domain of research-practice. My recent question was about the usefulness of a certain direction of investigation as opposed ...
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Referring questions to crypto.SE

Consider the following two questions: Information leaking of simulation based security Why SHA-224 and SHA-256 use different initial values? There's already a scope clash between crypto.SE and us, ...
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