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Nominations for publicity poster at FOCS ?

Aaron Sterling had the nice suggestion (in comments here) for site promotion at FOCS: his idea was: a poster with a few "best questions" in large print on it: representatives of ...
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Beta period progress

We're currently two-thirds of the way through the beta period. As I understand it, the site will get shut down at the end of that period if it's not considered successful. This blog post says: We’...
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Highlights of

To promote this site, it would be useful to have a collection of our highlights. Hence this question: What are the best technical questions that have been asked and answered on cstheory....
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Promoting TCS.SE at FCRC

The last time we did an IRL (in real life) promotional event for TCS.SE was at FOCS 2010. I don't unfortunately have any data on whether that event worked to draw more people in. We also had the ...
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Promotion T-Shirt Design

According to the current discussion about the promotion of this site there come up the idea of a t-shirt with advertisement. I want to collect some design ideas of a promotion t-shirt. Edit: On a ...
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What is lacking?

This question asks about the highlights of Indeed, there have been many. What I'm interesting in knowing is what the non-highlights are. What is lacking from the site? What ...
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How to promote the site?

As the site comes into public beta, we should start to consider how to promote it amongst the relevant communities.
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Broadening the scope of questions

As a Theory B person, I feel the site really lacks Theory B questions. To make matters worse is he previously active Theory B people are now much less active. More generally, the questions here seem ...
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SE Theoretical CS Pizza Ambassador Program: Sponsored discussion groups

Stack Exchange is looking for students and teachers interested in a new pizza ambassador program. Stack Exchange would like to sponsor university students (and external academic/study groups) who are ...
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CSTheory Blog Announcement and Signup Sheet

July 21st: The first technical post is now up, Quantum query complexity, by Artem Kaznatcheev. July 16th: The first blog post is now up, here. This is not so much a question as an announcement and a ...
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Site Promotion: the next phase

This is a follow up to Shane's early question on site promotion. In one respect, things are going fairly well. Our traffic is steadily increasing: from an early number of around 2500 visits/day, we ...
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Site Outreach/Promotion at FOCS

I'll be at FOCS in Las Vegas. Others from here might be there too. Is there anything we can do to help promote the site ? A meetup ? booth with big cstheory sign :).
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Community Promotion Ads - 2H 2011 [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Community Promotion Ads - 1H 2012 What in the Wide, Wide World of Sports is Going On Here? TL;DR -- put images and links in the answers. If they get voted up enough, they ...