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SE Theoretical CS Pizza Ambassador Program: Sponsored discussion groups

Stack Exchange is looking for students and teachers interested in a new pizza ambassador program. Stack Exchange would like to sponsor university students (and external academic/study groups) who are ...
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9 votes
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FOCS 2011 cstheory "reporter"

Jeff Atwood encourages us to explore support from SE for our conferences. One idea is to pitch a 'FOCS reporter' to attend the conference and write a series of posts for the blog. We could find ...
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5 votes
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Help us call for proposals for the SE Fellowship on your blog, site or listserv

The SE Research Support and Fellowship Program launched recently with our very own experienced and highly respected users reviewing fellowship applications. To make the program a success, we need ...
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Upcoming journals and conferences: read 'em and ask on the Stack (and get prizes)

As the new monthly issues of your favorite journals are published and conferences approach, we want to remind you to ask those burning questions that pop into your head as you read through novel ...
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Twitter bot malfunction

It's tweeting old meta posts. Surely not the intention?
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Short URLs for cstheory

I have created Feel free to use them.
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