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Ph.D Schools "focusing" on theory

There's a rollback extravaganza happening on this question. There are a number of problems in the question, and foolishly I contributed to this by even answering. There are multiple questions within ...
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Support vector machines in target motion analysis: relevant to CS theory?

We have a question on Physics, Target motion analysis (TMA), zig-zag navy maneuvers & Suport vector machines (SVM), which is off topic there, but a couple people have suggested it might fit here. ...
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About user Anonymous Coward

This user seems to be the same one on MO which has posted several questions on MathOverflow without following them up and the questions are left there. Now the user has started doing the same thing ...
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Can someone migrate [specific question on main]?

Can someone migrate this question to either cs.stackexchange or stackoverflow? 10 or so hours ago I flagged it as off topic because I wasn't allowed to suggest cs.stackexchange as a migration target,...
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How can I improve my question about interest in ontology?

I asked a real question ( and it has been downvoted at least twice with no comments. Any suggestions as to how I can improve it to get a valid answer? ...
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