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Proposal: Remove discipline prefix from the Arxiv-style tags

I answered the Arxiv tags or not question so: The current AA.BB.CCCCC tags are unwieldy —a defect in a question tagging scheme, not so bad in an article ...
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3 answers

Using at least one top level arXiv tag

MO advises the questioner to add at least one top level tag for his/her question: Please try use at least one tag corresponding to an arXiv subject area (details about what each tag covers): ag....
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arXiv tags vs not?

Many people seem to be using arXiv-style tags, e.g. instead of just complexity-theory. I saw Suresh change some of these to non-arXiv style, but is that something we might ...
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5 votes
2 answers

machine learning vs learning theory vs both?

This has been bothering me for a bit -- we have a machine learning tag and a learning theory tag. Now given that this site is a theory site, every ML question should also be a Learning Theory ...
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Better name for the so-called “top-level tags”

It is recommended to tag every question with at least one in the (vaguely recognized) set of tags that represent the subject areas of questions. These tags are sometimes referred to as “top-level ...
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How should the tag [graph-algorithms] be used?

How should the tag graph-algorithms be used? In particular, should it be used together with graph-theory, should it be used exclusively of graph-theory, or does it depend on questions? Currently, I ...
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3 votes
5 answers

Use a consistent prefix to distinguish area tags instead of CoRR subject area codes

This is a continuation of a discussion which took place in comments on this post. It is recommended to tag every question with at least one area tag (formerly called “top-level tag”). Currently area ...
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What interesting open problems have been asked on this stackexchange?

One of the things that regularly prompts me to refresh this stackexchange is the promise of interesting open problems (and not "wide" open problems like major complexity class separations or the ...
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2 votes
5 answers

Replacing the [advice] tag

In the past the [advice] tag has been used for requesting advice (i.e. confused with [advice-request] tag). Peter suggested replacing [advice] with some other tag. ...
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1 answer

big-picture vs soft-question

What's the intended difference between these two tags ? My question is motivated by the comments on this question. I tried trolling MO to discern the difference, and have failed so far. And no, "you ...
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[computability] behaves like a top-level tag

This is related to the question about top-level tags. It seem to me that the tag computability acts differently than other tags. While it belongs to the top-level tag lo.logic (is it?), a large ...
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