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Do we need "trouble with paper" tag?

I just noticed the trouble-with-paper tag. It is a meta tag and I think it not a useful tag for for filtering or searching and I think questions should stand alone and contain enough information to ...
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"grammers" tag is a typo.

Should be "grammars", unless I'm very much mistaken.
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What is the difference between the tags lg.learning and machine-learning?

We have two relatively popular tags lg.learning (53 questions) and machine-learning (75 questions). However, I am not sure where the line between the two is drawn. For lg.learning wiki we have: Tag ...
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Do we need both the [career] and [employment] tags?

We seem to have two tags career and employment about career advice in TCS. Currently, career has 21 questions, and employment has 3 questions where each one has also been tagged as career. Do we need ...
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What should we to with tags [graph-isomorphism] and [automorphism]?

When I saw the question “What is the most efficient algorithm to sample graphs with trivial automorphism groups ?” by turkistany, it reminded me that I saw a similar question recently, but it was ...
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