Roy Simpson

Have D.Phil in Mathematical Physics from 25 years ago.

I also like to work in the mathematical foundations of Computer Science and AI. I would be interested to find a merger of work in all three areas....

For the Computer Scientists I do not have a CS degree, I only have some standard textbooks which I study. I would like to ask some questions based on these texts, to enhance my understanding of that field and its relevance to other areas. My approach and interests are quite mathematical, if a little non-standard from the perspective of someone in CS.

As a Quantum Theorist I have been interested in books such as Penrose: Emperor's New Mind, and my own research extends from these ideas (although in some different directions not discussed by Penrose). I have become increasingly intrigued by the possibility that Quantum phenomena might be better understood by taking a more mathematical logic based approach to their modelling. Of course this often overlaps with Theoretical Computer Science.

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