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Broadening the scope of questions
17 votes

This is a list of questions at CSTheory focused on Theory B (Logic, Semantics, Automata
 and Theory of Programming). Techniques for Reversing the Order of Quantifiers Why do we need formal semantics ...

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1000 posts - Is our rocket flying well?
1 votes

At the moment, about a third of the questions on the homepage have 0 points or less, or are closed. This is worrisome. Perhaps a good way to ameliorate the situation is to contact a few established ...

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Dealing with user issue
12 votes

Dijkstra once said that if you can spend 20 minutes to save each of your readers 1 minute, then it is polite to do so if you expect at least 20 readers. Johne is not impolite in the usual sense, but ...

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Can't see formulas
5 votes

I seem to have the same problem now. According to http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=54981 the problem was introduced around 28 Aug. You were probably using the dev version, right? ...

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How can we collaboratively investigate open problems?
4 votes

Many open problems (and some experiments, like hard IMO problems) are handled on the polymath blog. MO questions inspired by polymath discussions are tagged as such. JeffE's questions would sit well ...

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cstheory vs AI stackexchange site
4 votes

I view AI as part of CS, and therefore TAI as part of TCS. In other words, the criterion should be whether the question is in the theory side of AI. (OK, I made up the acronym TAI.)

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Material to supplement the FAQ
3 votes

When should you downvote/upvote? [I'll formulate this answer to sound as a FAQ answer so that others may edit and then perhaps copy&paste in the FAQ. However, at the moment it is only a ...

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The MO vs SO question
2 votes

I asked StackOverflow admins to remove my account there because I became frustrated by the high-level of noise. I much prefer a website where I am forced to think hard before posting. (Which I don't ...

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