Simon Bliudze

I hold an MSc in Mathematics from St. Petersburg State University (Russia, 1998), an MSc in Computer Science from Université Paris 6 (France, 2001) and a PhD in Computer Science from École Polytechnique (France, 2006). I have spent two years at Verimag (Grenoble, France) as a post-doc with Joseph Sifakis working on formal semantics for the BIP component framework. In 2011, I have restarted this work at the Rigorous System Design Laboratory (RiSD) at EPFL. In the meantime, I have spent three years as a research engineer at CEA Saclay (French Nuclear Power Commission).

I spend roughly half of my time working on the theoretical aspects of component-based software and system design and half on the practical applications. Most recently, in the domain of Space Software engineering.

I am a member of the Steering Committee of the Interaction and Concurrency Experience (ICE) workshop.

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