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Who benefits from this site?
14 votes

I can speak only for myself, but I am exactly the out-of-scope profile that you describe. I am tenured, I just obtained the habilitation thesis meaning that I will apply for professor position in ...

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On the Feasibility of Homework Questions
12 votes

Let think about it as a TCS problem. Most "homework question" are easy to spot, these are the one that are $\epsilon$-far from being at the research level. Then there is a grey zone of "hum, is this ...

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Is "theoretical" computer science too narrow?
11 votes

The question of broadening the scope is indeed a good one. But recall that before thinking for enlarge the scope to CS outside TCS, we should first think about really broadening the scope to TCS ...

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Another go at scope of desirable questions
5 votes

My 2 cents : No question should be deleted except if it is total nonsense (or if it contains questionable content - I mean something that can bring "legal" problems) Making strict rules is not good ...

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Upvoting an answer provided by someone else
3 votes

Maybe it will seem harsh, but in my opinion it is not to the person who asks/answers a question to decide about its reputation, but rather to the community. So, if one has the information that the ...

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Defining the Scope of This Site (or Theory Cafe?)
1 votes

We can just set up a phpbb forum somewhere on the web, and it will be good enough for a TCS cafe (and also for posting job openings, which is another current meta question).

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How will you cite a discussion on this site in your paper?
1 votes

My 2 cents: acknowledge the person in the text and put the reference to the cstheory discussion in a footnote. My wife works in art history, and they proceed this way (however, they reference real ...

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